About Us

For almost 10 years now, Nikon School Lebanon has been continuously providing professional-caliber workshops for both beginners and knowledgeable enthusiasts in photography.

The resulting experience combines education and skill-building within a fun and interactive environment, reinforced with the support of a team of professional photography experts dedicated to inciting the creative photographer within You.

What we offer:

Whether you are just starting your photographic journey and want to discover how to take full advantage of your DSLR camera, our want to consolidate your knowledge and improve your photographic skills, or Fundamentals of Photography Workshop will guide you through the basic steps of taking manual control over your camera, working out your framing and composition, pushing your photography towards a more compelling and professional aesthetic. You will take control over exposure, and discover the different functionalities of lenses.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of photography and built a strong grip over exposure and composition, it’s time to kick it up a notch!
Our Advanced Hands-on Photography Workshop takes you into the world of the professionals and introduces studio lighting to the game. You will get to explore your creativity within the realms of portraiture, food and product photography, while experimenting with light and mood within a studio environment.

For those of you interested in post-production and image enhancement, our Photoshop for Photographers is your ticket to getting started on your stylistic adventure. The workshop is designed to easily assist you, step by step, into discovering various essential features of the software and in performing a variety of enhancements to your images. You will learn how to correct exposure mistakes, adjust the colors in your images, remove distracting elements from the background, and much more!


Nikon School Lebanon is proud to promote the art of photography to a community of enthusiasts, connecting them together and providing them with essential resources to thrive in a field they are passionate about.